भारत और मॉरीशस सरकार की द्विपक्षीय संस्था     A Bilateral Organization of the Government of India and the Government of Mauritius                               हिंदी साइट

  • New WHS buildingThe newly constructed building of World Hindi Secretariat
  • New WHS buildingWhere two countries, two cultures come together
  • New WHS buildingIn the presence of Hon'ble Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr. Pravind Jugnauth
  • Official beginning of construction of WHS HQA memorable ceremony: Leaders of two Hindi loving countries together
  • Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Mauritius Shri Anerood JugnauthOfficial ceremony for the beginning of construction of new HQ
  • Discourses and interactions with top scholars and writers
  • Activities continue throughout the year
  • Activities every Hindi lover can participate in
  • Magazines that popularize Hindi throughout the world
The idea for the setting up of a Global body for the coordination of Hindi related activities was first proposed at the first World Hindi Conference held in Nagpur, in 1975 by Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the then Prime Minister of Mauritius. The proposal was reiterated in subsequent WHCs and slowly took shape of a World Hindi Secretariat to be established in Mauritius.

An Agreement was signed between the Government of India and Mauritius and the WHS was set up pursuant to the enactment of the WHS Act by the national assembly of Mauritius.

The WHS started functioning officially on the 11 February, 2008. The main objective of WHS is to create a global platform to accelerate the promotion of Hindi as an International Language.

Governing Council
Brief Introduction

Executive Board
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Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General (present and former)
Brief Introduction

Dr. Herman Von Olphen (US) Dr.Kim Woo Jo
(South Korea)
Dr. Danuta Stasik
Ms Chitra Mudgal
Beginning of Secretariat Building Construction Beginning of Secretariat Building Construction
Functional Day World Hindi Day
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