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Seetharam lauds role of Hindi in uniting cultures, traditions

The High Commission of India held an award ceremony for Hindi Diwas at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC), Phoenix on Tuesday. Gevish Ramchurn, a Standard 6 student from Beau Vallon Government School, was awarded in the first category for his recital of works by poet Kabir Das.

Deepesh Sharma, a Form 1 student from Floreal State Secondary School was awarded in the second category. Artee Hemraj, an MA Hindi student, was awarded in the third category.The Indian High Commission received 540 entries from over 100 educational institutions in the three categories.

The event was attended by the ministers of Education Vasant Bunwaree and of Arts and Culture Mookhesswur Choonee as well as the Indian high commissioner T P Seetharam, the general secretary of the World Hindi Secretariat Kiran Juneja and the president of the Hindi Speaking Union, Rajnarain Guttee.

Seetharam confessed that he was delivering a speech in Hindi for the first time. "Apart from India, Mauritius is the only country where so many languages co-exist," he said. "The Hindi Diwas is an opportunity to build a cultural bridge for national unity." Choonee stressed that speaking in Hindi gives one an identity and thanked the government and the people of India, without whose support Hindi would not have gained prominence on the island.

Bunwaree said that though Hindi is not the official language of Mauritius, lovers of Hindi wait for this important day. "Hindi Diwas is celebrated as a festival and the huge participation shows that more and more young people are interested in Hindi." Seetharam handed over Hindi teaching software and materials to the education minister and to Rajnarain Guttee.

Published On: 5 October, 2011



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