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MGI, MGAHV to tie up on Hindi curriculum

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) is looking into signing a memorandum of understanding with the Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (MGAHV), a central university in Maharashtra, India.

Professor Vibhuti Narain Rai, vice chancellor of the Maharashtran university made the announcement at the fourth anniversary celebrations of the functional day of the World Hindi Secretariat, which was held on Saturday where he was a guest of honour.

Professor Rai said that he wants to use this visit to Mauritius to establish this relationship and to start discussions with the MGI.

According to him, the agreement will enable students to benefit from courses that will be dispensed in Mauritius but will be recognised by the Mahatma Gandhi University. The Indian institute is even looking into possibilities of establishing a campus in Mauritius in the future.

"I invite Mauritians to undertake study in our institution where they will receive world class education," said Rai. In his speech at the event, he highlighted the importance of Hindi in a global economy where India is emerging.

The chairman of the MGI, Ravin Dwarka is looking forward to the collaboration. "They hold expertise in Hindi language, especially in dramatic arts. With their help, we hope to introduce a diploma in dramatic arts," he said.

The details of the agreement are still being looked into but Dwarka hopes to hold student exchanges with the MGAHV and have the teaching staff trained in India.

Published On: 14 February, 2012



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