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Workshop on Hindi ICT, e-journalism and blogging

The World Hindi Secretariat, in collaboration with The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, organized an international workshop on Hindi ICT, e-journalism and blogging in Bell Village during the week.

Three well-known persons who have contributed to the development of Hindi which, according to studies, is the third most spoken language in the world are presently in Mauritius: Purnima Varman, Balendu Sharma Dadhich and Lalit Kumar. During the opening ceremony on Monday, Dr Vasant Bunwaree, Minister of Education, the language has made significant progress these last few years. He pointed out that in the past, Hindi used to be taught in baïtkas (Hindi schools), but now it is an internationally renowned language.

The Ministry of Education closely monitors the progress of Hindi in the country while the World Hindi Secretariat provides a platform for the promotion of the language. Facilities are provided by the Ministry to students at the primary level and teachers are also trained to offer quality education to students up to secondary level.

Dr Bunwaree acknowledged the work carried out by the World Hindi Secretariat for the promotion of the language and requested the use of ICT in the teaching of the language. He also pointed out that the Ministry is doing its best for the promotion of other languages as well and recalled that the student who came first in Telugu was not from the said community.


Published on: 27 April 2012

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